Rental conditions

To draw up a lease, you must have the following documents with you

Valid ID

  • Passport and / or ID card;
  • The age of the driver(s) at the time of rental must be at least 21;

Valid driver’s license of the corresponding category.

  • Personal data must match the identity card;
  • Driving experience has to exceed one (1) year;
  • For drivers who have a driver’s license from countries outside the European Union, we suggest that you make sure that this country is included in the list of countries whose drivers do not need international license to travel within the European Union.

By default, the tenant is the main driver.

Suggested Payment Methods

  • Cash.
  • Bank cards – VISA, Mastercard or Maestro;
  • Bank transfer.

Bank card (used as collateral).

  • The cardholder must correspond to the person who provides his/her ID and signs the contract. Cards without name and surname indicated are not accepted;
  • The card expiry date at the time of car return must be at least three (3) months;
  • Type of card: VISA, Mastercard or Maestro.

Car use

  • Car use outside Latvia must be agreed in advance.
  • With prior approval, the car may be used in the EU and the CIS countries.
  • The daily mileage limit is 250-400 km per day or 3000 km per month. The fee for exceeding the limit is 0.15 EUR per kilometer.
  • A car is rented with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank.
  • The cost of the missing fuel is calculated upon the price of fuel 1.50 EUR per liter + 10 EUR for refueling.
  • Car wash is not included in the price. If the car is considered dirty upon return, the company manager can charge from 5 to 15 EUR for cleaning the car. The amount is agreed in advance.
  • In case of damage to certain parts of the interior of the car, the client bears full financial responsibility.
  • Smoking inside the car is strictly prohibited! The fine for smoking is 200 EUR.
  • All unpaid fines must be reported before the car is returned, but no later than 3 business days from the date of the protocol.
  • In case you do not timely inform us of the fines received, from 10 EUR to 100% of the amount of the fine issued may be charged.

Change and cancellation of an order
Please inform us about changes in your order in advance
Making changes on your part may affect the rental price and terms of use originally agreed upon when placing the order.

Your order may be canceled or the rental conditions changed if, after one (1) hour from the time agreed to receive the car, you did not show up at the agreed place and have not been in touch.

You can make changes:

Deposit and insurance
The amount of the deposit depends on the class of the car and the scope of use. Cars have compulsory OCTA and CASCO insurance with self-risks covered
The security amount is blocked on a bank card, or is paid in cash:

  • From 100 EUR to 500 EUR
  • (applies to the use of cars only in Latvia; depending on the geography of use, the terms may vary)

The size of the CASCO self-risk:

  • is calculated individually for each client;
  • renting a car with zero risk is allowed;
  • the above-mentioned condition for self-risk refers to the use of the rented cars only in Latvia; depending on the geography of use, the terms may vary.
  • in case of damage to the windows and / or wheels the liability is equal to the sum of the CASCO self-risk for the damage of the corresponding vehicle.

Extra equipment (included in the rental price)

  • Extra equipment (included in the rental price)
  • Navigation system (GPS)
  • Baby seat (age 0-12 months)
  • Child seat (age 1-5 years)
  • Stand (age 5+ years)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Roof racks (boxes)
  • Bike holders
  • Wheel chain

Delivery and reception of the car

Delivery and reception of the car is carried out in accordance with the place, date and time indicated in the reservation.


This service is negotiated separately and may be subject to extra expenses.

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